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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kepland - 02/06/2009

Kepland could be headed towards the black trend line situated around 2.45. If that is broken we may see it head towards 8d and 20d ma. Although caution is suggested as the counter has been very bullish.

USD/JPY 02/06/2009

Previous post for UJ is here.
UJ seems to have completed the throwback. Target of 89-90 remains intact. The downward pressure will get escalted once the price breaks 95.173 and 93.820.

Sembcorp - 02/06/2009 - Update

Prevous post for Sembcorp is here.
Sembcorp has met the first TP of 3.3. We may expect some pullback before continuing towards 3.59.

STI 02/06/2009 - update

Previous post for STI is here.
STI has met and exceeded the TP of 2394. We might some pullback towards 23.6% retracement in the coming days. Downside target can be updated after the price pattern confirmation.