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Friday, August 31, 2012

HSI 31/08/2012

HSI hit downside span 19367.  Do or Die!  Mark at 19085.  Stretch at 18803.

Upside span 19829.  Mark 20150.  Stretch 20405.

STI 31/08/3012

STI upside Span 3025.  Mark 3037.

Downside span 3014.  Do or Die.  Mark 2992.  Stretch 2969.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

HSI 30/08/2012

HSI hit stretch 19552.

Downside span now 19367.  Mark at 19085.  Stretch at 18803.

Awaiting Upside Span.

STI 30/08/2012

STI hit and exceep 3026 mark.

Downside span now 3014.  Do or Die.

Mark 2992.  Stretch 2969.  

Awaiting upside span.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

HSI 16/08/2012

HSI upside span 20286.  Do or Die.  Mark at 20800.  Stretch at 21314.

Downside span 19833.  Mark 19692.  Stretch at 19552.

STI 16/08/2012 - Update

STI hit upside span at 3080 and retraced.

3080 is a major do or die number.  A capture of this level will bring more upside.

Downside span 3050.  Mark at 3026.

Upside span 3080.  Mark 3095.

STI 16/08/2012

Hit Span 3079.  Mark at 3095.

Downside no change.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

STI 15/08/2012

STI Downside Span 3050.  Mark 3037.  Stretch 3026.

Upside Span 3079.

Back after a break

Hello Friends,

I have been a bit busy lately due to which the posting on this blog took a back seat.  Not that I have more time on hands now, but I received many emails to start posting on the STI numbers again.

I will start posting again but intraday posts might not be possible yet.  I will do slightly longer term STI numbers.  Eventually, I am planning to post other indices too.  Let me know which indices you are trading and I will see if I can study them also.

I can be reached by email at

Best Regards.